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o New York Certified Attorney for Children - Appeals
o Arbitrations

Representative Writing by Donna C. Chin

o New York State Supreme Court, Appellate Division (Sample Civil Legal Argument)
o See Shirley v. Shirley, 101 AD3rd 1391 (2012)
o See Taylor v. Jackson, 95 AD3rd 1604 (2012)
o See People v. McMillan, 125 Misc.2d 177 (1984)
o See People v. Sheppard, 107 ADrd 1237 (2013) and 119 ADrd 986 (2014)
o Sample Briefs

o Arbitration Awards in the People's Republic of China: Establishment of an Independent Court to Enforce Awards
o Proposals to Amend the Federal Arbitration Act

o Co-Author, One Response to the Decline of Civility in the Legal Profession: Teaching Professionalism in Legal Research and Writing, 51 Rutgers L. Rev. 889 (1999)

o 501(c)(3) Charities: Intersection of Federal and State Law and Regulation

o N.J.S. 2C:36A-1 Conditional Discharge (Sample Motion)

The above are representative articles and excerpts, and are neither legal advice nor current summaries of the law.

Ms. Chin is certified as an arbitrator for FINRA and has completed SRO courses, including the following:
o Revised Code of Arbitration Procedure
o Direct Communication Rule
o Prehearing Stage
o Discovery: Abuses and Sanctions
o Duty to Disclose
o Civility in Arbitration
o Basic Arbitration Training II: Expungement
o Basic Arbitration Training I



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